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We’re All About Making Business Insurance Matches Perfect for You

Meet Elida Alvarez – Your Resourceful Commercial Insurance Agent 

AMO Insurance Agency Inc. in Chicago, Illinois is owned and managed by Elida Alvarez. She began working in the insurance industry as a sales professional in 2014.


Elida fuses her more than 9 years of exposure to the business with 21 years of customer service experience. Channeling her all-around knowledge of commercial insurance programs, she brokers deals between trucking business owners and insurance companies.


As your insurance agent, Elida offers easy access to her vast network of industry contacts. With these companies trying their best to outdo each other’s proposals, you are able to choose a plan offering the widest coverage, the best price point, and the plan fitting your needs perfectly.

Fast Service

Mission: Affordable Premiums With Optimal Coverage

We understand that both price and coverage are important points to consider when making the right choice. That is why we work hard to pinpoint the company capable of proposing a plan that offers affordable premiums and the coverage you require.

As independent agents and brokers, we represent many insurance companies. This allows us to customize and create packages most suitable to your needs.

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AMO Insurance Agency Inc.

Phone: 773-257-7120


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